Led Video Wall*Professional LED Screens Whatever Your Event

Professional LED Screens are one of the key factors that set aside a modern event from one of years gone by.

We’re not talking TV’s or plasma screens here. We’re talking professional, large, cutting-edge LED backdrops and feature areas, sometimes referred to as LED Curtains or LED Matrix’s, as seen on large-scale shows.

Some people call them LED Walls, some people call them Video Walls, but one thing’s for sure… They really are an impressive feature at any event.

We have a wealth of experience providing these to events of all types and would be happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

*Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

We provide LED Screens for a range of uses, and we can cater to both indoor and outdoor events. Some typical usage areas include Corporate Events, Marketing Events, High-End Conferences, Festivals, and other Live Music Events.

Led Video Wall

These screens can be used for many purposes, and can be either dedicated to a single type of content, or utilised for many types of content.They could be used as a stage backdrop, or as stage aside screens and can present different types of content to present an advertising space, or to present a live close-up feed of the event, or alternatively to display stunning visuals that complement your event content.


LED Video and Effects Display is an area that is becoming increasingly popular for events of all types and sizes, and as such many innovations are made in this area each and every year.

We have fully commited ourselves to providing only the most cutting-edge service, and as such we ensure that our stock of LED Screen Technologies meet the latest developments.

Our LED Screens are provided with a High-Definition Media Server Suite, such as the Hippotizer HD, for managing all your live feeds and content needs.

We also offer a professional custom content creation service, where we will design your custom content using the latest CGI techniques.The range of screens we provide are suitable for both larger and smaller venues, where the audience may be either close-up or further away.