Us Creation Special Effect*Laser Light Shows

There are many creative ways lasers can be used in a production. Most of these uses fall into the two broad categories of seeing beams in mid-air, and seeing graphics on a surface.

We can provide laser light shows for all types of events, whether it be a festival, a corporate event, or a musical production.

The vast range of professional laser equipment that we carry, ensures that we can provide the perfect laser show for your event. We can provide lasers in a range different powers ranging from 100mw to 15W and offer full colour systems as well as standard green dpss systems

Us Creation Special Effect*Cryo Effects: Co2 Cannons

Co2 Cannons can give your event that authentic Ibiza Nightclub feeling. They are widely used all over the world, and incresingly popular.

These cannons provide impressive blasts of Co2, that both create an exciting burst effect for the crowd, as well as proving some cool refreshment as your event begins to heat up.

They also create a platform that enhances your event lighting, allowing your lighting effects and lasers to be caught in mid-air.