Us Creation SoundsSound is very subjective area, many people have different tastes of the type of “sound” they prefer, plus there is a wide range of scenarios where sound may be required, of which the specification of the PA system most suited varies from one scenario to the next. Mastering the art of audio acoustics & sound can take an entire lifetime.

We are proud to have an experienced and dedicated team at our disposal, each with different specialities and unique abilities when it comes to sound and acoustic design. When we are asked to supply sound at an event we thoroughly evaluate your technical requirements, and pay close attention to your personal opinion on the type of sound you’re looking for. Our ability to strike a balance between these two key areas helps us to provide you with the best possible sound system design for your event wheather it be your wedding, product launch or festival.

*High-Quality Sound Systems
Unlike many sound hire companies, we stock a wide range of sound systems, not just a single type.This allows us to provide a versatile service, and enables us to build a custom PA system which is ideally tailored to your event & production.

Us Creation Sounds

Throughout the last 65 years we have seen, heard, and owned many PA systems & with this knowledge we have gained from these different events and productions, we offer you only the very finest pro audio speaker systems chosen over years from experience.

We feel the high quality PA equipment that we stock suits the needs of ourselves and our clients perfectly. We are more than happy to supply an equipment stock list of what is available for rental.

When working outdoors on festival stages, we have a number of different PA systems we use which all depends on the festival and the required spec.

Our PA equipment is built for the touring market and a lot of systems and tour packages we put together are fast becoming the preferred systems for many sound engineers and touring acts throughout the UAE.

US Creations is the currently one of largest stockist of PA in the UAE, with enough stock to cover any large multi stage festival.