Us Creation Staging*Staging For All Puposes

Staging can be an important component of any event, especially those where entertainment or presentations are taking place.

We have extensive experience providing staging solutions to events across the UAE and INDIA.

Our staging solutions have been used for and are suitable for events including but not limited to:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts & Musical Performances
  • Product Launches
  • Catwalks & Fashion Shows
  • Corporate Presentation & Events
  • Theatrical Productions
  • School Productions

Us Creation Staging*Staging Considerations

There are many aspects of staging that are often left unconsidered. Once you have decided on the size of staging you require, it becomes time to consider several other factors such as carpeting, trimming, and vertical positioning.

We can provide a range of flooring solutions to perfectly complement your staging, including carpeting, starlit flooring, and LED flooring.

We can also provide Edge Trimming solutions ensure that your staging is both attractive, and meets safety requirements.

When it comes to the vertical postioning of your staging,we can provide a range of staging heights including 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, and 4ft. If your staging requirements are special, then please contact a member of our team as we can accomodate custom staging heights and proportions.US Creations is a leading UAE supplier of staging, with extensive rental stocks and experience of deployment. Whatever the finish required,we can make sure that your stage, seating platform or tower is structurally sound, and looks great.
All Access is famous for having the strongest, safest, most reliable staging product in the biz.

Us Creation StagingOur truss solutions are the perfect example of our obsession with designing product that is strong and durable but can also pack up and transport easily

Reliable staging can quite literally be the foundation to many events. Therefore we always aim to provide the highest quality, safest, smartest staging solution for every event. We are one of top Hire, Sales & Installation companies, offering a competitive service to our clients, we recognise the importance of repeat custom. As a rental company specialising in sound, lighting and staging we supply to theatres, festivals, concerts, weddings, events, conferences, corporate parties, educational establishments such as schools, colleges, university, and last but certainly not least, houses of worship, such as churches,mosques.We have worked in many amazing places all over the UAE and India.We stock Prolyte Litedeck staging in a wide variety of size and shapes. We are able to construct a number of configurable heights as well as any custom heights desired using our stock of aluminium legs with Litedeck sizes of 8×4, 6×4, 8×2 4×4 and 2×4.We always ensure our deck is freshly cleaned, painted and in top condition in order to provide an impressive looking, professional stage.

Us Creation StagingBecause its aluminium, you get the strong frame without the heavy and bulky feel of other frames, such as those with a steel structure. The black staging paint gives it that professional clean look and allows it to fit in with outdoor concert events, as well as theatrical productions in school, theatres and function venues for hire.

Festivals, concerts, sound hire, lighting hire, stage hire, covered stage, power distribution, genirator.Due to the large variate of staging sizes we keep in stock, we can produce Litestructures platform’s of any size and height. Prolyte Litedeck allows for a large platform to be produced without the specialist bracing that’s hard to come by and expensive to hire. The Prolyte Litedeck can be set to any desired height and braced securely using scaffolding tubes. The advantage of Prolyte Litedeck is the material its made from, fabricated, high quality, TIG welded high tensile aluminium alloy frames allow for a strong and sturdy base to the deck.

trussing1Individual sections of the Prolyte Litedeck staging can quickly be bolted together and braced to produce a platform of any desired size. The top of the deck is made from 19mm standard grade ply wood and has a resistance to point loads which allows it to carry the loads expected from professional grade staging.

The Prolyte Litedeck modular staging is becoming a clear industry standard staging system for the entertainment, conference and set building markets for theatre production and other venues. The Prolyte Litedeck staging has been manufactured to comply with the latest codes of practice and design standards.

The skilled designers at US Creations can design and build small or large staging structures for all types of events. It can even combine the structures with long term leasing and installation options.

Our Staging services can be combined and integrated with our other services (Sound, Lighting, Video, Power, Rigging) into a bespoke system designed for you, the customer. For instance putting speakers on rises allowing the speakers to be up high to achieve good even sound coverage and similarly for intelligent moving head fixtures.

We also offer a dry hire service for all of our staging equipment.